Residential Garage Doors

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Choosing The Right Residential Garage Door 

A Garage is a crucial part of your home where you secure your vehicles, tools and storage.

Depending on the size, the style of your garage, there are different options to choose from. 

The 5 main types of Residential Garage doors provided by manufacturers are: 

1. Retractable Garage Doors

When opened, a big part of this type of door swings outwards. The pivot points of the doors are located at the top of the door and this may restrict where to park your automobile close to the door. Make sure enough room is readily available on your driveway. 


 These doors offer great security for your automobiles, as they are fitted with four latches. These retractable door types are readily available in wood, GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), steel and ABS.

Keep in mind that this door offers a lowered drive-through width, due to side spring assemblies.

2. Canopy Garage Doors 

When a canopy door opens it swings outwards and then slides upwards into the garage ceiling. It leaves one third of the door outside the garage. The security of the door is improved, because the pivot points are found lower down the door. These doors are simple to set up as no tracks are needed inside the garage and the whole door mounts to the door frame. 


Canopy Doors are available in timber, steel ABS and GRP. This garage door supplies a great drive through width.

3. Sectional Garage Doors 

A sectional door is made up of many different panels hinged horizontally. The door rises upwards vertically and then in reverse into the area of ceiling. Doors are provided with insulation.

4. Roller Garage Doors 

As the name indicates, this door type roll vertically upwards. These doors offer good security and security levels and are mainly offered in aluminum and steel.

5. Side Hinge Garage Doors

No more buffering - A Side Hinge Door is manufactured in lumber, steel and GRP. 


These doors open outwards and look very conventional. They need appropriate clearance while being opened and the security of these doors is enhanced if bolts are utilized at the top and bottom of the door.

Garage Door Repairs, Services, Installation

To save you time, money and safety entrust the work to professional technicians.

Garage Door Openers Services, Repairs, Installation

A Garage door opener is a piece of devices used for opening and closing garage doors. 

Garage Door Spring Repairs, Services, Installation

There are 2 types linear growth springs and torsional springs.  


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