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Industrial Garage Door

We at Doorman Garage Doors Ltd not only cater residential and commercial garage doors, we also have the necessary equipments and expertise to provide industrial garage door repair, maintenance and installation as well.

It is very important for any industry to have a service backup from a reliable door repair company, on whom they can lean back to whenever they face issues with their garage doors. Our customer support department is always available to receive your calls at any time during the day, and all through the year.

Industries cannot risk the malfunctioning of their garage doors, because it could lead to operational interruptions, which in turn will reflect as losses in business. If you're running an industry, you cannot afford to have your vehicles stranded because of garage door breakdown.

We offer specialized industrial garage door repair and maintenance services, according to the requirements of four valued clients. If you require, we can also send our technicians during the weekends or business after-hours, so that your operations do not get interrupted.

Industrial garage door repairs include:

  • Fixing the broken cables
  • Fixing or replacing the broken springs
  • Inspecting the rollers and wheels, and fixing them if required
  • Repairing the chain drive openers
  • We repair all kind of garage door openers
  • Installation of new garage doors and garage door openers
  • Replacing certain sections of your garage doors
  • We offer repair and maintenance jobs on all types of garage doors, be it wood or steel.

If you want to repair your existing garage door systems, we are the best people for the job. We will find out exactly what is causing problems with your garage door, and fix it in the most affordable manner. You can always get a free quote from us before you decide to use our services.

The best solution for your industries is to sign up for a maintenance contract with our company. That way you can focus better on your business and leave the headache of your garage doors in our expert hands.

We are very flexible on our annual maintenance contracts, and they can be customized to meet your specific business needs. Under the contract, please send our technicians for conducting routine maintenance, as per the agreement, which is framed after a mutual understanding.

With our maintenance contract, you will not have to worry about your garage doors at anytime during the contract tenure. You can be dressed ensured knowing that all your doors will be in their top working conditions, which will also help you in avoiding big or expensive repair works.

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